Heraldry Project I – St. Lawrence Church, Nuremberg

As many know, I have been involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism for 99% of my adult life. I went to my first event in 1982 and have been going ever since, as life and circumstances allow. In all my years as a SCA’dian, the Kingdom of Calontir , Shire of Calanais Nuadh has always been home, and always will be for me.

Life has taken me far away from Calontir, but in a way it has put me in a place to help return the years of camaraderie and friendship in a small way. Life has brought me to Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany….not far from Nuremberg.

One of the pursuits in the SCA is that of the art of Heraldry. So to this end I have started this Heraldry Project page.

I will be photographing, as I can, ANY heraldry that I can find. Much of it will be ‘In Period’ (pre-1599), while some of it will be just ‘Out of Period’ (to the 1630’s) and even a few may be way out, but I think that it has relevance historically.

Greetings and Salutations unto My Sisters and Brothers of Calontir,

This I do for you.

Y.I.S. Einarr Aldhund, OBF, OLM, OT

I, Michael A. Williams, known in Calontir as Einarr Aldrhund, here by give permission for these photographs to be use for any non-profit/not for profit educational research by the members and populace of the Kingdom of Calontir. This use may include printing and reproduction. This DOES NOT include alteration, editing, cropping of said photography or removal of my identifying watermark. Nor does this in any way imply the relinquishing of Copyright.

If there is a photography that you want to take a closer look at please feel free to contact me, and I can and will send you an enlargement in HD jpeg, just let me know the title/number of the photography in question.