People and Animals

Portraits are a captured segment of time in a subjects life, one that can never be replaced. It can be remembered more easily in a photograph.

As the saying goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” All animals, humans included, show emotions in their eyes and facial expressions. It is the capturing of these expressions in a photograph that really tell a hidden story.

Combine this with photographing a subject in natural surroundings it is a classic, winning, combination. It better illuminates their character, portrays the essence of their personality, rather than just merely a likeness of their physical features.

Stiff and posed images are unnatural and not at all life like. Life is flowing, it is motion, it is series of events that dot time. I captures the motions of life.

It does not matter if I am photographing people, animals or anything else. It has to be fun. If it is not fun, then I do not do it. You can’t fake a genuine smile, laugh, or a good time. I create the right environment to get relaxed, graceful and fun photographs.


Many of today’s photographers heavily rely on computer programs and apps, and spend lot of time editing only a limited number photographs. I learned photography before the invention of digital cameras. With film cameras, you had to learn to create and capture the image with more skill and care because of the limited possibilities of darkroom editing. This allows me to spend less time editing, and reduces the time that it takes me to get the finished photographs to the client.

Because I believe in giving the client high quality photography, I have a very rigid post-production process. I give the client exactly what they want, quality and only quality.

Once I am finished with the post-production, all, yes ALL, of the photographs will be delivered to the Client with a service called WeTransfer. WeTransfer is a free service, that allows the Client to download the photography securely, and provides receipts for both the Client and myself.

The client will receive all of the photographs, in duplicate. The first set will be high resolution images, suitable for printing; and the second set will be low resolution images suitable for social media. Neither set of images will have watermarks.


Sessions are not just limited to people, it can also be household pets or other animals. All session are a minimum of one hour in one location of the clients choice. The session can be up to four photographic subjects, whether those subjects are people or animals, or any combination of thereof. There are some minor additional charges based on the number of subjects and the number of locations.


I am a new breed of photographer, one that has readily adapted to the digital information age. I do not believe in trying to sell package photography deal, and later try up sell more expensive packages. I would prefer the client to receive exactly what they want … quality and service.




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